18 July, 2016

Whatever. Rough sketch of a poem

Angels won't buy my mixtape
Satan kept my space in hell
I ain't even talking shit on rape
It's just some sentences don't flow so well

They talk to me about reputation
When we bite the dust it's all about the money
They can't fathom this weird sensation
All they want is to be happy

Who cares about the field beyond the fence
It ain't about being hipster or grass being greener
Yes your lost when it comes to romance
But stay true to yourself, well that's what matter

Never mind the stares, or the chatter behind
You have one destiny in this race against time
Face tilted up, embracing sunshine
Nevermind what i lose for it aint even mine

No matter the obstacles along my journey
Just don't stop me from my destiny
I have one life, with one pursuit,
I'll burn with passion, and finish my route.\

-will edit again when I feel better about myself

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