25 June, 2012

The Art of Conversation

School Project- Draft one
The reason I'm doing it here is because blogging is the only way I can encourage myself to do work. LOL

The Art of Conversation

It is important in our world today to be able to converse well with people.
Conversing well with people is needed to build a good foundation for relationships, both personal, and work related.
To have a good conversation, One must express interest to the other party.
This is a form of respect.
Not only respect, but first impressions count too.
If you look sleepy and unkempt on your first conversation with someone and your mind appears to be wandering somewhere else, this will lead to the other party having a bad impression of you and this will affect the attitude he will have while conversing with you.
Showing interest is a plus point for having a conversation. This is true for all people as everyone likes to be appreciated, liked admired, and people with common interests with them.
However , this being said, flattery of someone can only work so far. Also, it must be sincere and not sarcastic. In fact, avoid sarcasm.
If it is a general conversation, the purpose is to entertain.The topic must be of general interest. Each person must do his share, and not overdo it. There should be no periods of silence, as that would be awkward. No topic should be dragged out for the sake of having a conversation. The tone should be kept good-natured. No one should be offended by anything said. A very important point is to ensure that one is not extremely critical to another, and do not mention touchy topics. Sarcasm is worst of all because sarcasm implies contempt. It is an insult, and insults are things to be resented.
Another important point is to listen attentively to the other person.
Arguments can be used, but it must be in good humour, for example, a hearty debate.
But in doing so, focus on proving on proving yourself right rather than the other wrong. Also, one must have full control of one's motions. Thus, touchy topics should be avoided at all costs.
One should seldom preach or give advice. One should also not dwell on moral issues or take the attitude of teaching his listeners. However instructive, eloquent and even interesting one's topic may actually be, the final result is not conversation. Thus, defeating the original purpose. 
Desire only to please the people with whom you are talking and you will infallibly do so.

Final Product
A video of failed conversations: Dos and Dont's

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