21 June, 2012

not what i really intended to post.

So what am i doing at this time of day?
I am slacking... around.
I want  to do a post on absence but... it will take very long.
so now, wp8!!!!
windows released their newest stuff not too long ago.
yea. And if you noticed, there is a slight change to the windows logo.
yea, if you noticed there's a change in the logo here too.
And while windows had their summit, apple had its 23rd wwdc.
Siri was a troll to Samsung and their refrigerator.
I think both are great, so if you ask me to choose....
I don't know. Make your own choice.
Of course, i have to give it to apple because it is more advance and it has a very vibrant appstore and awesome graphics.
Not only that, apple is definitely winning as windows is only at dual core, while the rest of the world are reaching quad core...
But had windows been faster, apple would not have stand a chance.
But... things often don't happen as we thought it would.
So, hard choice, but i have to give this to apple.
Awesome job, good conference.

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