04 June, 2012

Perception part 2?

Oh hai.
Long time(actually no) since I blogged?
Oh well.
There are differences in all of our speech, correct?
Now, note that I am talking about the tone and the body language we give out when talking to someone, and not the content.
So, let us begin.
When we are talking to someone whom we just met, we normally respond with a tone on how we feel at the moment, or a happy tone.
Unless, the person really gives you a very bad impression, no idea why.
If we are talking to someone whom we are friends to for like a year, like classmates or colleagues, we tend to talk happily and chat about everything under that scope.
If we are talking to a close friend, or a clique member, we tend to talk about other close friends, and about memories, or just laughter and chat with a very happy attitude.
If we are chatting with a teacher, we tend to be very assertive, or very quiet.
It's like, when the teacher says something, we usually just say, "uh huh. yes. arh. correct. yes cher."
But when the teacher goes overboard, we tend to be very defensive.
" What? How could you say this? I tried so hard!" et cetera.
When we are chatting with that special someone, we start of very sweet, especially if we are in a good mood.
If not, it would be like, "eh" or "dear" or "baby" or "darling".
Unless we are a bit angry.
Even then we are still quite sweet, no?
I don't know.
But why do we use different tones for different people?
Because of 2 things.
1. Level of mutual understanding.
2. Our Perception

Let us talk about mutual understanding.
Firstly, the level of mutual understanding is the amount of trust we have on each other.
The higher the level of trust, the higher the tolerance level we have.
That is why husbands and wives can stand each other even if the other likes to sing though he has a terrible voice(He's not saying you, Cricantrail is talking about himself).
The singing is just one example.
Now, the topic I keep harping about eh.
Perception (from the Latin perceptio, percipio) is the organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to fabricate a mental representation through the process of transduction, which sensors in the body transform signals from the environment into encoded neural signals.
So, based on our view of the person, we make intuitive guesses at first glance, then change them through our 2nd and 3rd glance, to form a mental representation of them.
Thus, this is why we often fall in love with someone we have a good perception of.
Ain't that true?
Let's even say crush,
It is in fact due to our perception of the person, but just that the perception is only at one glance.
And we say, Wow! Beautiful and pleasant to my two eyes!
Isn't that our "First Impression" which some call it "Love at first sight" ?
Thus, everything we do is by our perception.
Technically, the moment we have an impression on someone, we are using our intuition to evaluate them.
After typing so many sentences, you must be wondering what point am I trying to bring across this time right?
Well, it is to always erase our first perception of someone.
More often than not, the first impression lasts the longest, but is in fact the weakest.
That's why in literature, we read the passage once, to get the gist, twice to understand the concept, and three to understand the deeper meaning, with close reference to the real world as much as possible.
Thus, always abandon your first thought.
It may be right at times, but it doesn't hurt to get a clearer picture eh?
So people.
Chillax yo!
This is cricantrail, and take it easy.

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