15 June, 2013

Being a Christ like customer

So last week, I was at a Burger shop I do not usually frequent. The thing is, that this shop sells a variety, huge variety of burgers. So what happened is that I am clueless of what to buy. As I was very hungry at that time, I asked the cashier a question: "What can fill me the best?" To which the cashier replied: "Just buy one of everything."


 Now even up to this point I still have no idea whether he was joking or serious. To which I stared at him angrily and decided, well I should just order. I then ask which he recommend, of which he chose one of the more pricey ones. I bought it nonetheless.

The point here is not what burger I bought in the end, but how I went about dealing with the situation. Had I been in a bad mood, I really wonder how I will react! Would I have behaved in a Christ like manner? Maybe not. Or maybe I have already demonstrated it when I restrained myself.

Main point is, when we are who we are, students, bosses, blue collar worker,  management executive, market analyst, janitor, lecturer, civil servant, insurance agent, it is easy for us to be Christ like. But when we are customers and in a society where lines such as "the customer is always right" exists, many times we get easily frustrated and dissatisfied, even at the littlest of things. 

However right now, I beseech you brethren, to always remain Christ like even at moments when you are king(or you think you are). For that would be a barometer for your Christlikeness.

Have a nice day.

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