24 June, 2013

I believe

Before the earth
Before all days
You knew me
Formed in Your image
Made in Your likeness
You loved me
The light of Your Word
the truth of Your promise
guides me
The power of Your mercy
the love of Your grace
deep inside
oh of me
It's the depths of Your love
moving in the depths of me
I believe
in the power of Your name
I believe
in the promise of faith
I believe
in the love of a God
Jesus, my Savior
I believe, I believe
I'm speaking to this mountain
to move into the ocean
with Your authority
given to me
No matter what happens
Here I am standing
on the hope of Your Word
promised to me
I believe.
Nothing is impossible to those who believe.
For with God, all things are possible.
One funny thing about me is, while I know many Bible verses, I dont know where they come from. Like the one above, I think it is from Matthew, and the previous part is with men it is impossible and it is about some rich young Guy. Haha! I guess I need to bring my memory up a notch! Haha!
Was reading my leader's blog, and I realise all the things that she feel, I felt before. Those insecurities... man. But I know that my God is able to do above and beyond all that I can ask or imagine(haha, yet another verse I don't know from which book of the Bible!) ;P
But Here I am standing, God, on the hope of Your word, promise to me.
I know that you have the best for me. Whether I will really go FT, or whatever... I know all you want me to be is to be happy.

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