26 June, 2013


Been busy busy busy!
At the current moment, it is 152 am! and I just rushed finish a 2 page article for my project, which is due tomorrow! So close! Oh wells, not my fault! Haha, I had to do it solo when it is a pair work. Well, it's ok. Nobody will judge me, right? :D
So yesterday I received my programming results, and thank God, it improved from 57.5% to 77.7%! Which means one more mark to A... but it's ok! Learning! Takes time man! I must practice and practice and practice!

However, more than all these, more than my constant blabbering about html and css, java, I must come to a place where reading the word of God is easy. I do not fathom why I find it so hard, but I begin to feel it. It is like, eating, but somehow as I eat I don't feel like eating. Which isn't good. 

So! I shall start reading and make it a commitment. Been reading acts, and getting the connect group to read it too. Hope they do! Really wanna strengthen them this season, but not sure how... well i guess i should pray! Haha! 

"And the people were of one accord."


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