04 June, 2013

SO I went to USS one day

A few photos from my trrip to USS.  Firstly, China DIMSUM 
Well, not bad a design, but I don't trust dimsum stalls like these :P

Speed limit of 30. Introverts, enjoy. :D

Police car, with a retro feel(mainly the badge)

Men Singing. I like. <3 :D

Yeah they're suave. :D

Kaye and Yuyang, my classmates. Giving me the death stare LOLS

Then there's cat woman, betty. She can purr, and she will bite. ;3

Siying and Sunyue chirping into the picture as I whiped out my phone. Nice timing.

Matthew, our senior. It was his birthday, woohoo!

Took a picture of this castle as my classmates(bottom of picture) were navigating through the map.

Oh, the flying spaghetti monster xD. Sesame street is really fun, and really, a great show. Must watch show for a kid.

Yuyang's back. LOL

Ooooh looooook it's glowinggggggggg

Transformer ride. Most fun of all.

Picture of me with my classmate, Amanda. Oh and photobomb LOLS

Photo that my classmates asked me to take. Sunyue and Amanda I believe.

Me with Max. Great guy.

Amanda Sunyue and Max.

Nigel Wenyong and Yuyang.

Siying Matthew Kaye Perlin


The All Spark. That's something awesome. 8D

And of course,  a picture of Singapore.

Universal Studios. Can you spot Singapore?

Damn that a fancy lamp.

And that was my journey. Was fun while it lasted. Now, back to doing pillars of life.

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