19 June, 2015


I tried to embrace so many different genre of music, types of films. But it is always that one genre, that beautiful mystique in surreal sounds and inaudible air riffs that make me fall in love with poems, song lyrics that write a certain jingle coupled with a strange, buzzling joyful melody that brings me up and makes me sing it out loud, creating a persona in me that wants to bring my best out for this song, and this song, it resonates deep within me and holding in its charmful pocket my exact sentiments, my equilateral feelings; amplifying it and making me feel like there is a bubble; a bubble filling up the void left by the vessels around me who are mellow and drowning and the space created, this space is like a bubble bouncing gently about and me being in the centre of it; and as i see the sunbeams dazzling and glowing into my zone; i gently whisper for a door to be opened; and I hereby invite you in. :)


PS: practicing my prose and just writing my thoughts. :)

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