11 June, 2015

Poem - Human pentimento

It's the fire scene that scarred me
crimson blood dripping from the tree
Run; trip, scratch through and past twigs
I hide in the cleft; the lee of the stone.

Cracked skin; broken lines on palm
We hide what we are afraid to show
Longing to see what we do not know
Hiding from people; feeling low.

Vile reminder of life, standing in front of strife
Clammy hands; clammy feet
Independent of how much I tried
Despite all, I faced defeat

No relief from the noises above
Thundering! Yelling! yet mutterings of love
All sorts of lies, diverse masks
We put our heart in wooden casks.

The torturer knows no sorrow
His goal in sight when your pain you hide

Yet - a gall I will lick
No regrets to this life I live
Thick and thin is no difference
The world belong to the meek

Tarry in this pain
Tarry just a while
Pain brings relief to lunatics
me smile

There is no biasedness in life
Just too many nuts
All you need is be set straight
To light up your own spark.


PS: aren't we all like a human pentimento.
we hide from our past, our ugly and our life.
we only show what we want others to see
so others will see and then they believe
But really our lives changed so much
as we struggle between our thoughts
who to be and what to say
cluttering thoughts in our mind each day.
constantly repainting
we want a fresh canvas
but life has no restarts
so put your best foot first.

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