24 May, 2012

All about YOU

For whom do we live for?
For what do we live for?
For what reason do we survive regardless of stress, to achieve success, and survive?
Do we know the reason?

And i was reminded by this song:
"Cause we're all about You
And the world You promised
And all we have will give you praise
Cause we're all about You
And the world can't stop us
Living Your Way
Always "

That's the chorus.
I'm living for Jesus, and his promises keep me going.
Whenever i sing this song(which i do very often lately) I have laughter, no idea why, but I can't stop smiling.
I don't know about you, but sometimes we do ask ourselves, why are we doing this?
Why am I working so hard?
Is it really because I want money?
I want success?
Car(with COE)?
And when people look at us, what will we be about?
I want to be able to say, my life has been about looking to Jesus, and to live to bring people to the land of promise, the world He promised, and to, with the blood of Jesus, enter into His world.
And I want my life to be about Jesus, to be Christ like.
stay happy, for he is the giver of joy

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