27 May, 2012


Everything works in your mindset.
If you're, for example, a chess player.
You have to bring yourself to the level and mindset of a GrandMaster.
If not, you will be a very petty rookie and go crazy over every action your opponent makes.
Enough of chess, let me give you another example.
If let us say, you are an admin assistant.
And well, you want to start your own company.
But when you start your own company, do not keep your old mindset of an admin assistant.
If not, your shop will be limited by your mindset.
You know what i like about this blog?
I can share just about whatever i want.
Now shifting the focus to my life for a while.
Currently pondering junior college.
If i pursue this route, i would just end up being a teacher until God calls me to fulfill my calling.
And when He calls, i will respond.
Hopefully. (:
If I don't become a teacher but a motion grapher, haha, that's good!
Now, back to main topic.
Perception is very important.
How we perceive ourselves often lead to many of our decisions in life.
If we feel we are not good enough, more often than not, we will be afraid to do new things, that's for one.
So it is really very important to set everything straight.
Have the right mindset, and the right perception of yourself.
Also, it is always a plus point when you are able to perceive things from other people's point of view.
So now, spent more time thinking about the feelings of others, and less on the mundane things of this world, and less on boring things, like, fantasizing about love. and worrying about where to hang out in 2 hours time.
If we only just take 30 minutes to think about one of our friends, and that would give us so much more insight about why that friend does what he does, or she does.
Think, people, think.
If we only care more about the people that care for us, and not heartless people who will abandon us, we will have gain a much deeper relationship with those people.
Therwe is a reason why I have few but strong friendships.
In fact, I challenge you.
If i were to put trouble in all your relationships with your friends, how many would stand through the fire?
I can tell you i know of 5 already. And this 5 relationships are super strong.
Nothing can change it.
There are a few others that might not change too, like i have maybe another 3 to 4 more.
But i know 5 people that would have my back if me and them were in a quarrel.
They respect me, and I respect them too.
Do we have even 5?
Or do we have not one? (:
Or rather, what is your perception of true friends?
I don't know for you, but I often find myself thinking what are the perceptions others have on me.
But I know that for at least 5 people.
They know me for who I am, and they know my background, they know my feelings.
They see through me in like, 3 seconds.
Seriously, they see my sad face like even when I show that I am happy.
Those are the people I love the most.
Especially Tianyong and kaihwee.
These two people, whatever I share with them, is of my highest thoughts.
And they are able to converse in my language which few could.
Now, the focus shifts to you.
"Do you have these kind of friends?"
Yes? If yes, how sure are you they would die for you?
Because if i have to die for those two I mention earlier on, I would. With no regrets.
But if no. Then why no?
Is it because You don't feel connected to them?
Then make the 30 minute effort to see things in people's shoes.
Now, the next question.
"How many would die for you?"
That, even I can't answer.(:
But I know something.
I have this friend who understands my personality inside out, and he has a similar personality to me. He is my role model in life. And I know that if i was in a fight, he would be the first down with me.
Do you have that friend?
If not, find him/her.
He could be anywhere.
She could be that person you ignored for 3 years.
She could be the one and only person who in the time of adversity, stand by you.
He could be that guy you shun away from a month ago.
He could be the one friend who would turn up when you are sad and down.
If only you allow.(:
Now, side track for a moment.
What kind of people should we invite into our lives?
People that are mature and trustworthy and understanding.
That's it.
IF we invite such people into our lives, and only such people, I tell you, your life will be so much better.
That is, IF.
But many a times, we don't because these people happen to nag a lot, and talk very deep, and more often than not, these people make no sense, but just go by intuition.
But, if we slow down our paces and search for these people that have been placed in our lives, we will no longer be insecure.
We will have found our friends for life.
And these friends, even if you lose contact for a year, are still your best friends.
Because they have the most accurate perception of who you really are, and who you really can be.

This is cricantrail, signing off.
Post script: call me samuel, huangxi, cricantrail, anything will do.
Take it easy.

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