27 May, 2012

Friendly ok!! And a kasparov story.

Yes, i am friendly.
In fact, i am very friendly la, please, haha.
Oh until i start to get blur.
But if I am not blur, i am actually very understanding to people's situation, Just ask my friends.... haha..... And secrets are always safe with me. But i find it hard to share my life with others.... esp my future plans. My actual plans.
I do actually plan. I plan it like chess. The tree branching out variations.
I spent most of my time thinking what is the best move to make. That;s why i am constantly tired. I keep thinking, never stopped thinking. I multi tasks about 1-4 thought processes. Like, I can have a conversation with you, while thinking about how to solve someone else's problem, and thinking if chess strategy, and what to eat at the same time.
i think that's actually why i am hungry, cause i use up a lot of my brain power going over the same items meticulously.
But that's why i seldom make mistakes, but when i do, they are huge errors.
But i love my friends when they encourage me. And i don't really have many friends who would encourage me, so i love those friends like, with my life. and they trust me too, that we would lay down our lives for each other(at least i would).
but yeah. i'm human. If not i wont be researching about garry kasparov, or rather, call him gary winstein. hahaha..... yes, if you recognize what i just said, i love chess. it is what kept me active. I do firmly believe that life is in actual fact, much like a game of chess.
in chess, there exist a material time quality concept.
your possessions. in actual fact, your assets, both liquid and fixed.
Time, the amount of time you have ahead of others.
Quality, the positioning of your assets and liabilities, along with your position in life, your social status, your net worth.
In chess, the number of pieces you have, the number of moves you're ahead in attacking your opponent, and the position of you seeds are very important. And that is what will affect our human life.
So, we must always consider all three components to succeed(yes i finally started on the blog post).
its important to have all 3 at your advantage.
As much as possible, always put yourself in your competitor's shoes, and think, what would i do?
Then think of the best way to counter that, and execute the move after that.
Sigh... I'm tired.
But God, for this calling, and this destiny, I will serve you. (:
To lean on God everyday of our lives and not take control ourselves.....
That's what we should all strive for now.(:

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