30 May, 2012

My Favorite plus a side track story.

I love reading the word of God. Why? Because it is always there to remind me that God wants to talk to me, if i take the first step to open it. It reminds me that God has not left me. And I love Hebrews. Also, Ephesians, Some parts of Philippians. And John, especially John. haha.
I feel That the most sincere in writing the gospels is John.
Because he wrote the gospel not to make sure Jesus will be remembered for as long as possible, but to save as many lives as possible.
That's why i like him.
Also, he didn't pick the most glamorous things to tatlk about, but the most impactful parts of Jesus's life to talk about. He didn't want to just exalt Jesus, but to get people into the kingdom of God.
I Love people, do you?
It is important to feel the urgency, and catch it.
Now, to a story,
back then, a pastor, i think pastor paul scanlon came and spoke about spring time and how we may feel winter in the spring but we must adjust to it before that.
I finally understand what it meant.
As i was reading my book, by garry kasparov, the world most renowned chess chanpion, titled ' how life imitates chess', Kasparov talked about the differences in our mindset when playing the opening phase, the middle game, and the end game part of chess. If we are uunable to switch at the right time, we will suffer a great loss. Thus Kasparov trained himself to recognize the patterns of chess and know the differences in the approach towards the different phases of the game. Once he challenged an opponent who went into end game mode while still in middle game. He changed phase a  few steps too early. Thus it caused him the game as he is unable to react. Thus we must be good at discerning the spring time.
Anyway, have fun. Holidays in Singapore has started(:

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