05 May, 2012


We all need prayer, it is what connects us to God. It is what strengthen us in our walk with God. It makes us closer to God and understand him more. If you want to have someone you can talk to, dont look for anyone already! Look unto God! Yes, you ask how? He doesnt even like shows his face? Well, he show you his flesh. and everything he is. Where, you say. I tell,you, the BIBLE!You tell me, why there are so many pages, read which? why i tell you, if you cant choose start from matthew! if you are desperate read john! if you want something from the people near jesus, the saviour of the world, and accounts from people who knoew him well, read luke! And mark, if youre a teenager, read it. Mark was a teenager when jesus had his ministry.
Pray always that you will be in the LORD! amen!

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