13 August, 2013

A baby

I was just thinking about the people that are in this world.

There are bad people.

There are good people.

But everyone has the same start, no?

Not really.

Yes, we all start as a baby. That would be the similarity.

When I was younger, I used to play a game called Maple Story. In that game, you will be able to customize your character at the beginning. In doing so, you can make your avatar look like yourself.
Shortly after that, you come to a screen where it gives you a table, showing you data related to your skills in the game. Measured by skill points,  every aspect important to the game will contain skill points. Your base skill points will vary from 4-12.

The tally of points from all the aspects will be about the same.

In this world, not everyone is the same.

Some are born to this world more unfortunate than others.

Some are more fortunate.

But how do we measure the level of "fortunate"-ness?

What is it in relative to?

It is in relativity to our perspective.

Growing up, I knew I did not have a perfect family. It was broken.

Thus, to me, any family that is stuck close together, that can joke and have fun together, that care for one another, is fortunate.

As you can see, my definition of fortunate may differ.

A baby born into a rich family, but growing up, found few cared for him, may describe fortunate as one with many close friends.

However, one with many close friends, but fall sick often, may find those with perfect health fortunate.

I could go around with many examples.

There will always be an "Achilles heel", as many call it.

I prefer a biblical example.

There will always be a "Jacob's socket" or a "Paul's thorn in the flesh", but how we overcome it, now that's a story.

If you overcome, tell that to your future kid.

Or grandkid.

PS: I need to come up with better blog post titles.

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