12 August, 2013

Poem - It's better to...

Threads encircling through the feet Making out, fuzzling grumbling, a stoneslab code
Captivity's reign shambles on sand.
Now to unlock a pandora of souls

A gate keepers job, in a no man's land faraway pearls draw near to sight
To mirage a crystal, oh what a dream! To achieve something, one must forgive

For there lies before thee a place of hope, But hope! Oh hope! What use of it!
When oxen pulled against its will Stop throwing rocks against the hill.

To succeed, one must prepare Be like the tortoise, not the hare! To relent, one opens the heart To a chamber of wine and songs of lark.

A task completed, relief is sighed
relief given for my teary eyes
better done, better gone?
wither yesterday, not my tomorrow.

Opened door, locked room,
Winters gone, closed door of doom
Look ahead, what spring might bring,
Lovely cheerful offering.

No regrets, it is goodbye!
No more crying, can't hear a sigh.
Birds fly out of the window blue
Returning with a peekaboo.

- Forgive.

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