14 August, 2013

Poem - Blind wait

Shuddering winds surround the welcome carpet
but before, a minute, the sun was pepper.
Awaiting, a goal, thrust by thrust forward
Upon reaching, twas stormy gale.

Hobby picked, left with a sigh,
Awaiting nightingale's reply
A moan, soft whisper, touched the heart,
apologies breaks the house of cards.

Point of no return, to which one gallops,
Revelation, shocking, Yes! A shocking sight.
Bewilderment kept underneath
Wails belong to the bathroom inn.

To turn, to change or to pretend
Life's first road- the hardest bend,
Decisions made, do not regret,
Always push through the needle - thy thread.


this poem was written especially for a person that is at a new juncture in life, and knows not what is ahead.
I wrote this about my entrance into NYP SIDM motion graphics, and it was a tough period of my life where I felt stupid, retarded, and I felt that what was needed most in my life was to cry. I just wanted to cry. But as you read the poem you should have known what I decided to do is to not regret my decision but just make the decision I feel is best for me and that is to push the thread into the needle. How hard it may be, how difficult and how impossible and daunting the task to face, but to do it because it is better to push another thread into a needle than to settle for a color you do not want on your garment, well, on your garment.

Why I named it blind wait was because I didnt know what to expect from it, so its like a blind wait, and yes, it is a redundant wait because all waits are blind, we never know what will come from what we expect.

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