12 August, 2013


Yeah like, i really am unfit for this topic.

Have recently been watching anime(I'm supposed to be studying) and I have been thinking a lot(as usual) lately.

What does it mean to be married? What does it mean to be together?


So. That is what I have been thinking about.

Then I realized, I am certainly certainly not ready for one.

Being in a relationship with a person of the opposite gender means that you have genuine care and concern for the person. You must truly care about the person, and you feel obliged to care for the person.

Study has shown that after the first year of the relationship, what used to be passionate love will turn into emotional love, and then into emotional attachment.

Thus, for two to become one, they must not just like each other. Rather, they must have a desire to want to be together with the other person for a lifetime.

Bearing with the other's shortcomings, they must learn to live life with the other with utmost patience. Whoever one chooses as his or her partner must be one who is able to communicate and connect, without a single word of conversation.

The greatest friendship, of which two may sit, against a bench, and feel at ease just breathing with the other, without having a word spoken, yet know that the presence is more than enough, for the hearts have already been bonded, just through what both has gone through together.

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