10 August, 2013

Direction setting

So after reading an article about election being called earlier, i suddenly thought about my blog and what i had been blogging about. Apparently, I went from being an analytical blogger, to a poem blogger which would have been more prevalent if i get to be exposed to nature more. Also, if i have more time to spend in solitude.

Which would only happen on nights where i am not gaming, and not studying, and definitely not sleeping.

Thus far, i realize that i need to blog constantly, because I want to keep at least a small flair for writing. That would be beneficial towards my adequate command of english, and also relieving myself from stressful examinations. Games are good, but they are not the best.

I guess i could analyze poems or quotes by socrates but nobody would be interested, and I guess i could analyze books like ecclesiastes or fahrenheit 451 chapter by chapter too.

I will see how it goes, and I will try and blog more often.

I am typing this because similar to Blacklightattack(some guy I admire), I am actually trying to set this blog in the direction for more views by random people that care. So I would want to be posting content that would be of a certain genre, at least 3/4 of the time.

Thus far, thank you for reading whoever you are.

If you are a blogwalker, do ctrl + D my blog! Would appreciate if you rss or follow too(provided you enjoy).

Will be posting as much quality content as possible.

As for now, a reminder would be sweet:

No day remembered as like Crispian's Day
but globalization has had some zest.
No warrior fought can beat the rest
for innnovation puts man to the test.

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