05 August, 2013

Lame Jokes

Why is the cat untruthful?
Where can you find mickey mouse on your body?
Why was the cook arrested?
Why do you go to bed?
What did the traffic light say to the lamp post?
A tree was chopped down for firewood. When it was placed in the furnace, the fire was green. Why?
Why are fishes smart?
What did one plate say to another?
What happens when you lift the lighter above your shoulder?
What happens when you lift a chicken from the ground up to your knee slowly?

Because he had nine lies(lives).
This knee(Disney).
He was beating up eggs.
Because the bed can't come to you.
Don't look, I'm changing.
It was an evergreen tree.
They travel in schools.
Lunch is on ME.
It becomes a highlighter.
It becomes chicken rice(rise).

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